The 10 Most Popular Photography Apps for iPhone and Android

Author: Matthew Paxton   Date Posted:30 September 2016 

Phones have come a long way when it comes to photography. Mobile photography is not just for sharing photos of your food on social media, but is being used by professional photographers as a viable way to add to their portfolio.

Its size, portability, quality and ease of sharing are some of the things that make mobile photography so appealing.

With the popularity of mobile photography increasing, plenty of great editing apps have become available for users. To help you develop your mobile photography, here are 10 editing apps available on iPhone and Android that  you have to use.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a very popular and effective editing app available for both Android and iPhone. With its minimalistic design, it’s great for minor retouches as well as major ones, such as applying filters or straightening and cropping. One of the best features of the app is the “Stacks” feature, which acts just as layers do on photoshop, saving all the edits you do and allowing you to go back to any specific one if you wish to. Another handy tool Snapseed has is that you can compare the original photo to the edited product with just one tap.

2. Darkroom

Darkroom is a very simple app to use, but that doesn’t mean it’s light on features. One of the cool things about Darkroom is that you can actually create personalised filters for your photos, which you can even link to your own Instagram account.


VSCO might be Instagram’s competitor, but it has a much better tool set and it’s one of the best editing apps for both Android and iOS. It has a smooth interface, excellent presets and a killer community element. You can also take photos instantly from the app as well, saving you the trouble to import your photos.

4. Camera+

Camera+ is becoming the favourite editing app for many photographers, thanks to its advanced options such as built-in image stabilisation, the self-timer and a flashlight function that lets users avoid using a flash in low light locations. Also, Camera+ has the option of placing filters on top of other filters and control how much of them you apply to each layer, so you can let your creativity run wild.

5. Facetune

This app is especially great if you need to edit faces, especially close-ups - ahem, calling all selfie fanatics - as you can fix blemishes and even add a touch of digital makeup.

6. EyeEm

The beauty of EyeEm is in the value the app gives to your work of art as it not only works as an editing platform (and a very good one, offering around 24 filters) and social media network, but also offers some very convenient in-house selling options.

7. Flic

The magic of Flic lies a bit more on the practical side. We all know how hard it is trying to take some cool shots but not quite getting it right the first time, so you need to take a second or third one, only to find that little error message saying your memory is full. This is where Flic comes in. The app has a swipe feature that shows you your existing photos and asks you if you want to keep them or throw them in the virtual bin. After all, a bit of help to freeing up storage is always welcomed!

8. MuseCam

The popularity of MuseCam is most likely due to the fact the app lets you shoot with manual controls, has amazing presets and filters that resemble the ones from VSCO. Even more, the MuseCam’s streamlined software lets you share the final product on your favourite social platform.

9. Multiple

This app is the best option for photographers trying to achieve double exposures for their photographs, which is not always easy. With two camera buttons, Multiple allows you to achieve this look without being too complicated (even though they can still be a bit overwhelming to achieve).

10. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam Perfect for those who are a bit more retro and wish things “hadn’t gone too digital”. The app allows you to capture warm traces of light, while improving the light in photos that lack it.

Being a photographer on the go can be a rewarding and adventurous way of going through life - no path, street, tree, city, person or routine is never the same, as you are constantly trying to find that something that will stand out and make a perfect back story for that memorable snap. After you have the raw material, however, the editing process begins, where you are able to choose or enhance all the elements that will turn that memorable snap into a work or art. We think every photographer on the go deserves an app that can do that.

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