Tips for Shooting Interiors

Date Posted:13 March 2017 

Whether photographing stunning interiors is an enjoyable hobby or a professional endeavour, taking an image that looks great and captures the feel of the space is tough.

Learning to navigate cramped spaces, capture a whole room in a single shot and make the most of difficult lighting is only the beginning to mastering the art of interior photography. We’ve collected some professional tips to help you take stunning photographs of any interior space.

Choose the perspective

Choosing the right perspective is the first step to getting a great image. Do you want to showcase the beautiful entranceway of a home? Or are you trying to capture beautiful artwork painted on the ceiling? Understanding what exactly you want to capture in the photo will help you to determine what perspective you need to get the best photo for your audience.

Perfect the lighting

Depending on the style of the interior and the mood of the photograph, you may want your lighting state to be bright and airy, dark and moody, or something in between. But deciding on your perfect lighting state is one thing; manipulating the existing lighting options to make it happen is another thing entirely. Opting for as much natural light as possible will usually look great, but you may need to introduce additional artificial lighting too. As a general rule, you’re looking to create balance in your image so that it is neither too bright nor too dark.

Wider angles

When an interior has lots of great features to showcase, you might be struggling to fit everything in one shot. One solution is to break the photo up into multiple images, showcasing each feature at a time. Better still, you can capture the whole room while adding a professional edge to your photography by using the right lense. Wide angle lenses will allow you to capture more of the space in a single image. These lenses are especially great for creating the illusion of scale and making a room appear a little bigger than it really is. Shooting on your smartphone? You can still make the most of wide angle lenses. Some camera apps will have a built in wide lens and there are plenty of lens attachments for your phone or phone case to help create a wide angle image.

Reduce blur

No matter how steady you are or how fast your shutter speed is, it can be hard to eliminate blur from your photos. The best way to eliminate blur altogether is to use a tripod. Tripods come in a huge variety of sizes and price points, so you’re bound to find something that suits your needs and your budget. Where you can afford it, quality tripods are worth the investment. They not only last longer, but they ensure that every picture is clear and straight and that your camera is mounted safely and securely. Timers or remote controls are another affordable and effective way to eliminate the blur caused by shaky hands.

Clean up

It’s amazing how many photographers start shooting a room without giving it a quick once over before-hand. We’ve seen some beautifully executed photographs of interiors which are spoiled by untidy cushions or scuff marks on the floor. Having the space professionally cleaned before you arrive is the best way to ensure the space is presented at its best. Failing that, a quick spruce up before you begin will ensure your audience can focus on the photography and the beauty of the space, rather than the messy contents of the room.

Use a bounce

Sometimes referred to as a “bounce”, a light reflector can be especially useful for interiors.

Where you have the benefit of great lighting or a window but are having trouble getting the light to fill the whole room, a light reflector can help you to ‘bounce’ light exactly where you want it. This allows you to channel light from one area onto a particular item or a section of the room that may not be illuminated otherwise. They are an affordable piece of equipment that can help you show your interior in it’s best light.

Have some fun

Whether you’re shooting trophies in the pool room, art in an exhibition, furniture you made yourself, or a living room in a home for sale, the key to great photography is finding joy in what you do. Adjusting lighting and setting up tripods can be tedious at times, but there’s no obstacle you can’t find a way around if you stay focussed, positive and creative.

Need the right tools?

Photographing interiors is tricky at the best of times – especially if you don’t have the right tools and accessories on hand. From remote controls to tripods to iphone accessories, Paxton’s have everything you need to get the best shot, and our friendly staff are happy to answer any of your interior photography questions.

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