The Travelling Photographer Series Part 1: 11 Tools to Make Photographing on the go Easy

Date Posted:15 January 2017 

Technology has made it easier to squeeze more into the travel pack, but there's still plenty of essential items that every photographer needs to make photographing on the go easy. Here's our list of must have tools for the travelling photographer.

1. Tabletop tripod

For the travelling photographer that requires all the precision and professionalism of a tripod, a foldable tabletop tripod is the perfect compromise of affordability, portability and performance. The Manfrotto Pocket Tripod is perfect for on the go photography, and is priced at only $52.95.

Full sized tripods can be cumbersome to travel with, but for the serious photographer they might be a necessity. The Gitzo Traveler Carbon weighs in at just 1.03kg and folds down to 35.5cm, packing in all the features of a full sized tripod without sacrificing too much space in the luggage. A more affordable option is the Inca Tripod & Bag with Ball and Socket Head, which is also lightweight, compact and perfect for travel.

2. Simple camera strap

When you're travelling the globe with thousands of dollars worth of equipment it pays to fly under the radar. Debranding your visible equipment can help make you less of a mark to would be thieves and muggers. A simple, effective camera strap without all the extra fuss and logos, the Blackrapid Kick is a lightweight, customisable strap that packs away easily for travel.

3. The perfect camera bag

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to camera bags for travelling photographers. The Fujifilm Travel Satchel is perfect for carrying photography essentials on the go, and it suits a variety of camera models and interchangeable lenses making it an excellent on the go camera bag for day trips around exotic locations.

Lowepro's Passport Sling is designed for the modern photo enthusiast who wants to carry both personal and camera gear as they travel and sightsee. Shaped like a traditional sling bag, it conforms perfectly to the body and moves easily with the wearer.

If you're looking for a camera bag ideal for long distance adventures and with space for your jacket, tools, and extra lenses, for a long haul then check out the Lowepro Pro Trekker, a favourite among adventure photographers around the world.

4. Filters

If you're serious about landscape photography a set of ND filters will help get the best images out of your camera. Graduated Filters will also help capture detail in both the sky and the land when the contrast is high, balancing the light levels both above and below the horizon.

5. LED flashlight

Push button LED flashlights are handy and small enough to connect to your keychain or in your toolkit. Perfect for finding things in the dark or illuminating the path when you're travelling off the beaten track, many seasoned pros travel with a collection of LED flashlights stashed throughout their luggage. 

6. Rain protection for your camera

Travelling and shooting means capturing opportunities when they're presented. Storms, drizzles, downpours and other wet weather are just part of the composition, so protecting your equipment is essential. Think Tank has a number of rain protected holsters and eye piece protectors that are easy to stash in your travel bag until you need them.

7. Multiport USB charger

A multiport USB charger is essential for the travel photographer that likes to keep it light. Streamline your charging needs and free up your luggage from the bulk of multiple charger for your phone, digital camera, tablet and battery packs. Combined with a travel power plug adaptor and all you need is a single power outlet to charge all your equipment.

8. Travel adaptor

Depending on where you travel you'll need a travel adaptor to suit the power outlets of the region. The Kikkerland Travel Adapter is a compact, universal travel adaptor that can be purchased for around $10 and will fit neatly into your camera bag or travel pack with little fuss.

9. Electrical tape

When you're on the road there's not always time to repair and replace damaged equipment. A roll of gaffer tape will come in handy for all manner technical troubleshooting, from loose battery packs to ripped or wonky backpack straps.

Electrical tape can also be applied to expensive gear to make it look less valuable. A handy trick that many a seasoned travel photographer has employed to avoid becoming a target for theft.

10. Screwdriver kit

Tightening and tweaking a camera invariably requires a set of small screwdrivers. A jewelers screwdriver kit should complement most fitouts and the kits themselves are small enough to be stashed away without adding additional bulk.

11. Portable hard drive

Travelling means not always having access to reliable internet to upload your photos to the cloud. RAW files are large and you’ll burn through the storage on your memory card in no time, so a hard drive is an essential piece of equipment if you want to keep a detailed library of your shoots while on the road.

Choose an SSD over the old magnetic strip HHDs, less moving parts means decreased risk of damage and no need for a separate power outlet to run the drive, just plug it straight into your laptop and away you go.

Whether you’ve booked the photography trip of your dreams, or you’ve been sent around the world to shoot your next job, make sure to pack these essential travel accessories and you’ll be ready for anything!

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