9 Online Photography Resources you Should be Using

Date Posted:28 March 2017 

Welcome to the era of information saturation. The internet is a massive resource hosting more photography blogs than you can poke a tripod at. But having lots of information isn’t always a good thing.

With so much out there, it can be hard to sift through and find blogs worth exploring. Lucky for you, we’ve searched high and low and curated a list of the very best photography blogs that are worth your time and attention. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or just starting out, these blogs are full of great tips and inspiring photographs to help you expand your skillset.


From Photoshop advice to reviews of the latest and greatest gadgets on the market, PetaPixel have you covered. They canvass a huge range of topics and have a great selection of inspirational blog posts that will surely get your creative juices flowing if you’re feeling uninspired. If you specialise in only one area of photography (such as weddings), taking a look at some of the best work in your field can remind you why you specialised in the first place, or encourage you to branch out and try something new.

The Phoblographer

Don’t be put off by the strange name of this stunning blog. From reviews to inspirational posts, there’s always new and engaging content to read here. With a dedicated ‘Tips’ tab, this blog is definitely our pick of the bunch for useful tips and tricks for professionals and amateurs alike. They also keep you up to date with all of the latest photography news, including camera and accessory releases and reviews.

Stuck In Customs

Trey Radcliffe has created this stunning blog; a catalogue of his personal techniques, tips and tricks to help you on your way to professional photo glory. This is a must-see blog for those who are interested in travel photography, or travelling in general. The only worry with this blog is that if you spend too much time browsing these beautiful images, you might find yourself booking a plane ticket! One of the features we love is being able to hover over an image and see a breakdown of exactly what settings he has utilised to capture it.

Feature Shoot

If you need a dose of photography inspiration, this is the blog for you. With a huge range of images and styles, there’s something for everyone. It also has regular interviews with some of the most well-known professional photographers in the world, so it is a great resource to gain insight into the professional world of photography.

Digital Photography Review

Want to know more about that new camera everyone has been raving about? Or, perhaps you need more information on some editing software before you take the plunge and make an expensive purchase. Digital Photography Review has over 12,000 reviews and counting. Their reviews are fact-based and unbiased, so you know you’re getting trusted advice before investing in expensive equipment or software.

Photography Life

Informative, concise and easy to navigate – what’s not to love about this blog? Their images are second to none and showcase a wide variety of subjects and styles. From street photography to weddings to landscapes, there are excellent tips that even the most seasoned professionals would find informative.

Digital Photography School

This is a great resource if you are hungry to learn more about photography. From digital storage and camera protection tips, to product review and step-by-step photoshopping guides, this blog has you covered. Their content is insightful and creative – we particularly love their advice on getting honest feedback and their guide to boosting your creativity. If you want detailed information on the ins and outs of the photographic business, this blog should be at the top of your list.


Co-founder Lee Morris began his rise to fame when he executed a professional quality fashion shoot using only his iPhone 3GS. It is this creativity and innovation that has made Fstoppers what it is today. With tutorials, reviews and solid advice for both professionals and beginnings, this blog is a great resource if you are looking to learn more about the craft.

Steve’s Darkroom

If you’re looking for a blog that’s a little less mainstream but still full of useful tips and quality information that’s updated regularly, then Steve’s Darkroom is the place for you. This site also reviews printers and camera bags – expensive accessories which many other blogs overlook. Some of their great posts include seasonal tips like “How to Capture Stunning Fall foliage”, and if you’re looking to procrastinate, there are plenty of adorable animal photos that are sure to make you smile.

Happy blog-browsing!

Whether you’ve been behind the camera for decades, or you’ve just received your first DSLR as a gift, these blogs have great content for any skill level, in any area. They’re a go-to resource for information on the latest gadgets, pointers for shooting that next big project, or connecting you to a community of like-minded photography buffs (just like us!) who’ll remind you why you fell in love with this craft in the first place.

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