17 Travel Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Date Posted:12 December 2016 

Enamoured with the idea of becoming a travel photographer but not sure where to start? Satisfy your wanderlust and become inspired by these 17 eclectic and striking travel photographers from around the globe.

Enamoured with the idea of becoming a travel photographer but not sure where to start? Satisfy your wanderlust and become inspired by these 17 eclectic and striking travel photographers from around the globe.

1. Hiroaki Fukuda


A photo posted by Hiroaki Fukuda (@hirozzzz) on

Japanese photographer Hiroaki Fukuda’s Instagram blends everyday life with stunning landscapes, particularly around Japan. Fukuda boasts over half a million followers and you only need a quick browse of his page to see why. Captivating, sharp, stylistic but also wistfully beautiful, Fukuda is a must follow for any photographer looking for inspiration.

2. Theodore Kaye


A photo posted by meanwhile elsewhere (@theodorekaye) on

If you're not already following Theodore Kaye you should be. Thought-provoking and candid, his landscapes, portraits and life stills are central to a body of work that has seen him published in the likes of The New York Times. Currently living and gramming in Asia, the image above of Mickey Mouse in Khiva, Uzbekistan, is typical of the illuminating yet down to earth imagery you’ll find on Kaye’s photoblog.

3. Kirsten Alana


A photo posted by Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana) on

Kirsten Alana blends professional photography with smartphone cunning as she travels the world capturing landscapes, architecture, food and the candid life of a traveller. The New York based photographer also captures perspectives of NY State you might not otherwise see. Kirsten captures beauty in the ordinary, such as this shot of the Second Avenue Subway in NYC.

4. Aubrie the Globetrotting Ginger


A photo posted by Aubrie ✈ Globetrotting Ginger (@globetrotting_gingertravel) on

Redheads unite. Instagram photographer Aubrie travels the globe taking photos of gorgeous scenery, architecture, food and landscapes with her flowing red locks front and center. With almost 150k followers, Globetrotting Ginger Travel combines quirk and luxury for beautiful and inspiring travel-grams.

5. Ariana Kajic


A photo posted by Travel Blogger || Ariana Kajic (@thebosnianaussie) on

Travel blogger Ariana Kajic is a Bosnian born Australian travelling the world with her own unique spin. Combining a love of old world architecture with landscapes and candids in fashionable yet function travel wear, Ariana is well worth your follow for a personable approach to travel-grams.

6. Brendan van Son


A photo posted by Brendan van Son (@brendanvanson) on

With 70k followers and climbing, this Canadian photographer travels the world gramming magical landscapes mixed in with selfies and stylistically ambitious imagery. His Instagram is just part of the journey, you can also follow Brendan’s adventures on his website and he even has his own YouTube channel.

7. Michael J. Spear


Here in Canyon Lands, and very sad it's our last day touring around the national parks. It was wonderful to see so many places in person for the first time. Big big thank you to @clifbarcompany for all of the nut butter bars to keep us alive out here. Be sure to try them out. They are tasty.

8. Patricia Schussel Gomes


A photo posted by ©Patricia Schussel Gomes ❤✈

Patricia Schussel Gomes is one of those lucky few, almost naturally born to photographic greatness. Her snaps are vivid, intimate, exhilarating and deeply personal. With 34 thousand folks currently sharing in her travel journey, Gomes provides a personal window into her life and travels through her Instagram feed 

9. Adam Senatori


Black Earth, WI

A photo posted by Adam Senatori (@adamsenatori) on

Adam Senatori’s instagram offers a unique and highly specific point of view. Taking the bird's eye approach to everything from Chicagoan architecture to the farms of Wisconsin, this aerial photographer captures awe inspiring shots across North America and beyond. To soften the mood, Senatori also grams more candid shots to his 836k followers.

10. Dave & Deb from ThePlanetD


A photo posted by Dave & Deb

TheplanetD is the Instagram account of an adventurous Toronto couple that captures whimsical, inspiring and life changing moments from around the globe. From Lanterns of the Buddha at the YI Peng festival in Chiang Mai to storms over Greek monasteries, these award winning photographers have garnered around 166 thousand followers who share in their journey.

11. Melissa Findley


Thinking Of You •

A photo posted by Melissa Findley (@melissafindley) on

Travelling extensively through Oceania and Asia, Melissa Findlay is an Australian photographer that captures tranquility and colour of travel from sunrise to dusk. With over 118 thousand followers, Melissa is a prolific photographer and travel blogger. 

12. Murad Osmann


A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

Viral sensation Murad Osmann leapt into the hearts and minds of travellers everywhere with his #followmeto series that positioned Murad’s girlfriend moving away from the camera, her hand extended back to take Osmann’s. Murad has almost 4.5 million followers and is a great case study for how to turn your Instagram photography into a luxe life business.

13. Kat Tanita


A photo posted by With Love From Kat (@kattanita) on

Kat is a fastest-rising fashion and travel influencer based out of NYC, but she’s always on the go. Her Instagram showcases food, apparel and gorgeous landscapes to her 347k followers. The successful model and photographer also has her own website and travel app. 

14. Christian McLeod


A photo posted by Christian McLeod (@christianmcld) on

With a keen eye for composition and a fearlessly intrepid nature, Christian McLeod shoots lifestyle and landscapes for his 60k followers. Based in California, his work ranges from windswept mountain peaks to cityscapes. Christian’s work is both inspirational and enigmatic, and not to be missed. 

15. Kash Bhattacharya


Signing off 2016 with my highlight of the year. Hope you are having a magical evening wherever you are celebrating. Happy New Year!

A photo posted by Kash Bhattacharya (@budgettraveller) on

Kash Bhattacharya’s budget traveller Instagram shows his 27 thousand followers how to travel in style whilst sticking to a budget. Voted National Geographic photographer of the year, Kash has shot for Harper's Bazaar, La Repubblica and Cosmo. Follow for travel pics, landscapes and architecture to become truly inspired.

16. Jonathon Collins


A photo posted by JONATHON (@easternsuns) on

Jonathon Collins of eastern suns shows an incredible eye for detail, both in his captivating photographs and in their accompanying captions. Taking in everyday life from a variety of unique and exotic locals, eastern suns is the perfect traveller’s daydream.

17. Marianna Jamadi


Meow'ing around Marseille with @matterprints + sis @mirajamadi

A photo posted by Marianna Jamadi (@nomadic_habit) on

Marianna Jamadi captures people and places from around the world. A recipient of VSCO Artist Initiative, Marianna’s photography is more than just wanderlust. On her Instagram you’ll find fashion, art, faces and a freedom of expression that is nothing sort of invigorating for her 25k plus avid followers. 

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